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CBD Pet Bundle

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Our CBD Pet Bundle combines two of our most popular pet products.  First up are out bacon beef flavored CBD Pet Treats, which we affectionately call our Scooby Snacks.  Containing 2mg per chew with 30 chews per bottle, these treats will put a smile on your furry friend’s face.

You also get our amazing certified organic CBD Pet Tincture.  The tincture allows you to easily increase or decrease the CBD dose your pet needs until you find that perfect dose that allows them to feel their best.

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CBD Pet Treats

Your furry friend deserves the absolute best.

Mind and body wellness isn’t just for us humans, it should extend to our pets as well. If you’ve enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of CBD, why not provide those same benefits to your pet?

These bacon and beef-flavored treats contain 2mg of CBD each, so your dog or cat gets all the restorative health benefits CBD has to offer – improving both their mental and physical wellness. With 30 pieces in each jar, they can be given daily, or on occasion to potentially ease pain and anxiety.

Formulated with water-soluble CBD powder, Golden Legacy CBD Pet Treats are easy to digest – allowing for rapid absorption so your furry friend gets fast relief.

When taken regularly, CBD may reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, and even help your dog or cat get the restful sleep they deserve.

Reward your furry companion with a treat that will help them feel their very best.

Organic Pet Tincture

CBD isn’t just great for us humans; it has many therapeutic benefits for our furry friends as well!

Golden Legacy Wellness CBD Pet Tincture is certified USDA Organic and designed to help your pet feel their best. CBD oil for dogs and cats may help your furry companion if they struggle with arthritis pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, or mobility issues due to old age or injury.

CBD may be a good all-natural remedy to consider whether your pet is having difficulty moving around or acting more anxious.  Our premium CBD oil contains zero THC. Plus, it is made with organic ingredients and is completely safe for pets!

With 900mg of CBD per bottle and 7.5mg per serving, your pet will enjoy the therapeutic benefits in every drop. Most cats and dogs will happily take the oil directly by mouth. Or, simply add it to their food or some peanut butter for a fun treat. When taken consistently, CBD helps reduce pain, manage anxiety, and even help your pet get the restful sleep they deserve. We know you want the best for your pet—so we created this Golden Legacy Pet Tincture with your pet’s ultimate physical and mental well-being as our goal.


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