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5 Step Wellness Reset: Prioritize Wellness & Reach Your Goals

Ok, 2019 is over and maybe you haven’t accomplished all your personal growth goals. Good news though, if you fell short you have another chance to get it right now that 2020 is here!  Now, before we get started, let’s agree to not just make a bunch of empty promises to ourselves.  Our goal is to help you prioritize wellness.  

We also know that your chances of achieving your goals is largely predicated on your personal wellness.  Whether your goals are financial, career or relational, if you’re not balanced, your chances of success in any area of your life is limited.   

At Golden Legacy, we’re in the business of vigorously promoting adult wellness.  We believe wellness begins with a personal decision to prioritize our own well-being through consistent and intentional practices.   

There are plenty of wellness tips/tricks that we’ve all heard before:  Yoga, meditation, exercise and eating healthy to name a few.  Well, we’ve compiled a list of 5 fresh suggestions to help you prioritize your overall well-being so you can hit the mark on your goals. 

Thrive in 2020

1. Practice Self Care  

Set in motion a series of consistent practices that will improve your physical and mental health so that you can meet the demands of life and conquer 2020.   

Remember, these practices/activities should be personal to you.  Find activities that you enjoy (I love morning walks and reading) but can’t seem to prioritize because of life’s demands   Do things that replenish your energy and spirit so that you are equipped with an elevated level of resilience in tough times.   

See this post for tips on developing a doable self-care plan.   

2. Finding “Me” Time 

Someone once told me “There are two things that you can never get back… your words and your time”.  In terms of time, aim to be productive and efficient when it’s time to work.  Be fully present in your time with those you love.  Most importantly, be diligent about carving out and protecting your “me time”. 

Somehow, we’ve been conditioned to think “me time” is selfish.  It’s not. In order to order to show up for others, quality “me time” is exactly what’s necessary.   

 3. Journaling  

 Let’s be honest, journaling always seems like yet another to-do.  A fruitless exercise that can easily be put off or just flat out ignored.  To the contrary, systematic journaling can provide a safe place to be honest with yourself, dream big and vent without the fear of judgement.   

 Don’t overthink it.  You don’t need to write a short novel each time you sit down. But a short daily reflection will help you process thoughts and feelings in a way that can improve your overall wellness.   

 4. Gratitude  

One of my favorite things to do each night is write down 3 things I was thankful for that day.  Making a daily habit of practicing gratitude is an acquired skill.  However, once mastered, the practice  will positively shift your attitudes and perceptions about your daily encounters.  Gratitude is also contagious!  Displaying gratitude in your daily walks of life not only boosts your outlook on life, but it impacts those around you too.   

Combine gratitude with journaling. Create a gratitude journal with daily inputs and see what happens! 

5. Resist stagnation  

Slow motion is better than no motion.  We are often our worst critics.  It doesn’t take much to trigger feelings of disappointment when we aren’t making progress at the pace we’d like.  

That disappointment can quickly turn into an “I quit” and before you know it, you’ve let one stumble completely derail your goals.   

Instead, keep moving.  Commit to perseverance, especially in tough times.  A little bit goes a long way and, eventually, your wellness will improve as a result.   

Going Forward

What are some of your goal achieving tactics for the new year and beyond?  Share with us in the comment section!

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