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CBD Benefits : Stress, Anxiety and Heart Health

According to the CDC, approximately 1 in 4 deaths every year is linked to heart disease in the US. Being that February is National Heart Month, we thought it would be important to share how CBD can reduce stress and anxiety, promoting good heart health.  

Heart disease includes a range of conditions that negatively affect your heart. Stress and Anxiety. These conditions include heart attacks, coronary artery disease, strokes, and congenital heart defects.  

Risk Factors

High blood pressure and high obesity rates are the leading risk factors for heart disease, impacting people earlier in life than ever these days, in some cases as young as 35.  While men are at greater risk, the leading cause of death for both men and women across all ethnic groups in the US is Heart Disease.   

Heart Disease happens when the build-up of plaque in the heart’s arteries prevents adequate blood flow and starves the heart of nutrients and oxygen.  If the build-up completely blocks blood flow, or if you’re exerted a level of energy exceeds your blood supply, a heart attack usually follows.  

How Can CBD Help?

The potential benefits associated with the use of CBD for heart health have a growing amount of research. A number of studies have shown CBD having the propensity to: 

  • reduce the cardiovascular response to stress
  • act as an anti-inflammatory 
  • increase blood flow

For example, this study concluded that CBD has a direct impact on isolated arteries, reducing the tension within the blood vessel walls.  This increases blood flow to the heart and reduces the likelihood of having a heart attack.   

Here is some additional research on the link between CBD and Heart Disease:    

Incorporating CBD

Thinking of incorporating CBD?  

While CBD is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, if your aim is to improve heart health with CBD, contact our primary care physician first and foremost, especially if you are taking prescription medications. 

Next, seek out a product that is THC free and has been verified via third-party testing to ensure it is free of pesticides, heavy metals and mold.  Use a product that has a high rate of bio-availability. Bio-availability is the amount of CBD your body absorbs.  The higher the bio-availability the more benefit you will experience from CBD.

If you’re looking for more CBD info and great resources, check out our Dosage Guide

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