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Are CBD Skincare Products For You?

Are CBD Skin Care Products For You?

Do you struggle with aging, dry or skin irritations that cause redness?  Have you considered CBD skincare products?

There are a lot of CBD companies making bold claims promoting skincare products whose ingredients include CBD.  Does adding a skincare product with CBD as an ingredient actually provide any benefits? The short answer is yes, but of course there’s much more to it than just a simple “yes”.  We here at Golden Legacy want to share exactly what consumers can expect in terms of benefits when using CBD as a skincare product.

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, there has been an uptick in awareness and research on all of the benefits and uses of CBD.  The use of CBD oil has become a popular mainstream treatment option for managing a number of ailments that stem from specific conditions or illnesses.  The popularity has even extended into the skincare product industry, incorporating CBD to combat common ailments like dry, aging and other irritable skin conditions.

There are many reasons why CBD is being so widely embraced, and a big one is the healing properties that make up CBD oil.  High quality CBD oil is extremely rich in nutrients that are critical in building and maintaining good health. CBD oil extracts contain essential fatty acids, has anti-inflammatory properties and possess high levels of vitamins A, D and E.  This power-packed makeup of properly extracted CBD Oil provides a natural remedy to a number of skin complaints and conditions.

For example, individuals experiencing redness in the skin due to infections or irritations may be left hanging when utilizing your typical (non-CBD) skin care products.  Most products on the market do claim to have healing effects via the incorporation of aloe and other moisturizing substances, however they’re not manufactured in a way to promote healing.

Redness is caused by an inflammatory response triggered in your body to fight infection.  Most beauty products will address redness but not provide the lasting relief by addressing the inflammation that is causing the redness and irritation.  High quality CBD oils may help to alleviate common ailments that individuals with sensitive skin experience, things like eczema, allergens, acne etc., by combating the inflammation, swelling, pain and irritation.

With most things concerning the body, it’s important to consult your physician before making any decisions.  While there are no known harmful side effects to using CBD, it’s important to speak to a health care professional to understand and anticipate how CBD will interact with your body.  Additionally, individuals who take daily prescribed medications should be aware of how CBD may interact with these medications.


About Us…

Our commitment at JQ Organics is to vigorously promote wellness through providing the highest quality premium grade hemp oil extract in the industry… period.

Our CBD products are considered premium grade quality because each product contains hemp oil that’s extracted from phytocannabinoid rich industrial hemp using the same process, in the same FDA GMP-Certified facility every time.

Through partnering with the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in the U.S., we’re able to offer a line of raw hemp compound products through our Golden Legacy CBD brand.  For our extended “family” of CBD enthusiasts, we intend to be their partners in health, helping to enhance their quality of life and solidify their Golden Legacy.

With Golden Legacy, you can fully expect a line of CBD oil products ranking of the highest purity with no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes or unknown substances.  All of our products are completely free of THC, grown organically and third-party tested.

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