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When it comes to finding your proper dosage of CBD there is no one size fits all.  Dosing is a trial and error process, however, we recommend two simple rules to help you quickly find the dosage level that works for you.


1. Start Small 

Start with the recommended dose listed on your CBD bottle which will be a small dose. This is key because anytime you start a CBD protocol you want to aim for the minimum effective dose (MED). The MED is the smallest possible dose that will give you the desired effect.  If you start by taking a large dose, you may feel relief, but you won’t know if a smaller dose would have had the same effect.  Aiming for the MED is the most efficient method for your body and your checkbook. See how you body reacts at a small dose and then slowly titrate up the dose as needed until you feel the desired effect.

2. Be Consistent

It’s near impossible to nail down your proper dosage if you’re not consistent.  There are two parts to consistency:

Method of Consumption: choose one method and stick with it for 1-2 weeks. If you decide to use a sublingual CBD tincture, don’t switch to an oral method after 3 days because of something you read online.  If you do, you won’t know which method actually works best for you.  Remember, this is about finding the proper CBD dosage unique to your body.





Dosage Level: choose a dose and don’t change it for 1-2 weeks. For example, if you take CBD soft gels, take the same amount each day.  This will allow you to see how your body responds to that dosage.  Make dosage adjustments based on that feedback.

Dosage Factors: some factors that will affect the dosage that works for you are:

Body Chemistry: no two peoples body chemistry are identical.
Method of Consumption: oral, sublingual (under the tongue), edible, topical (absorbed through skin).
Bio-availability: the percentage of CBD absorbed into the bloodstream after processing by the liver.
Body Mass: in general, individuals with a larger body mass will need a higher dosage.
Keep these factors in mind on your CBD journey to help assess the dosage that works for you.


Keep in mind that once you find your dose, you still may need to adjust it over time as your body builds up a tolerance or as dosage factors listed above change.  When the happens, simply follow the two rules to find your new MED.  To sum it all up just remember to: Start Low and Go Slow!