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CBD Didn’t Work for Me, Why Not?

Consider These Reasons Before You Turn Your Back on CBD

So you tried CBD and it didn’t work.

You didn’t feel less stressed.

You’re still struggling with anxiety.

The pain in your knee is as bad as ever.

What went wrong, I thought this stuff worked?

Does this sound like you? If you’ve tried CBD and haven’t gotten your desired results, you are not alone; but that doesn’t mean CBD as a whole is all hype.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the Hemp plant. It has been used for thousands of years in conjunction with a similar compound, THC, the component of the Cannabis plant that gives the “high” associated with marijuana.  It’s only been in the last 50 years that researchers have been able to extract CBD in isolation and study it’s health benefits.

The most common issues people use CBD today for include:

Stress Relief
Higher Quality Sleep
Chronic Pain

For some people, the first CBD product they try does the trick and they can’t stop telling you how great CBD works.  This is one side of the coin.

The other side of the coin is when CBD doesn’t produce the desired effects. There are some legitimate reasons why this happens.  Let’s explore 5 reasons that may apply to you before you conclude CBD is snake oil in a bottle and give up on it completely.

1. Your CBD product has a questionable origin

This is a nice way of saying your CBD is terrible quality.

There are hundreds if not thousands of CBD sellers both online and in stores due to the skyrocketing popularity of CBD over the last few years.  With so many sellers you are guaranteed to find some who have cut corners to find the cheapest CBD manufacturers, looking to make a quick buck on unsuspecting new customers.

One study conducted in 2019 found only 51% of CBD products tested contained within 20% the amount of CBD indicated on the label.  While this is concerning, this is an improvement from early CBD label studies.

The best way to safeguard yourself in order to know you’re getting the highest quality product is to only purchase CBD from reputable companies who offer a Certificate of Analysis or COA.  A COA is your products lab test that tells you exactly whats in your CBD, and just as important, what’s not in your CBD that the label may claim is there.  Golden Legacy readily supplies access to COA’s for every product we sell to give our customers a level of transparency they can trust.

2. CBD Can Take Time To Work

Wouldn’t it be great if the first time you tried something you got great results?  For many people, that is exactly what happens when they try CBD for the first time.  For others, their first time leaves them wanting and confused.  They try CBD expecting to find instant relief and they are frustrated when CBD takes longer than expected to work.

The truth is CBD works differently for one main reason: everyone’s bio-chemistry is different.  No one has exactly the same level of endocannabinoids, serotonin, etc.  Because this is true, different CBD strengths will effect people differently, i.e the dosage that works for your best friend may not work for you.  This is normal when first starting out with CBD.

Consistency is the key.

I always encourage people beginning their CBD journey to think of CBD as a dietary supplement and not a miracle drug.  For some people, it can take up to 4 weeks to fully realize the benefits of CBD, especially if you’re taking it to help reduce stress/anxiety or chronic pain.

Think of it like taking Vitamin C or any other supplement.  You likely won’t notice anything right away, but over time, being consistent, the Vitamin C will begin to help.  CBD is no different.

Remember, everyone is unique in what their body needs.  Some people experience benefit very quickly (which is awesome!), while others don’t see benefits without consistent, daily use over time. 

3. You Haven’t Found the Right Dose

Finding the right CBD dosage is hugely important.  And this needs to be the right dosage for you.  I can’t stress that last point enough.  Related to point number two, everyone’s body is different and finding the effective CBD dosage unique to you is the goal.  It doesn’t matter what the guy at the CBD store says, what the Instagram CBD guru tells you or even what the bottle itself recommends.  All can be helpful on giving you a starting place, but none of them should be hard and fast rules because none of them know your unique body chemistry.

In our CBD Dosage Guide, we always recommend starting with a small dose and increasing slowly over time.  We explain the concept of the Minimum Effective Dose (MED), which is the smallest possible dose that will give you the desired results.

Finding your MED should be your primary goal when starting a CBD routine.  This will give you a baseline to work from where you can increase or decrease as needed, and just as important, this is the most financially sound way to use CBD.  Taking higher dosages then necessary when starting out may provide you the relief you’re looking for, but you won’t know if a smaller dose, i.e. less expensive, would have given the same results.

Lastly, keeping a journal or spreadsheet to track your dosage can be helpful when tracking your MED.

4. You Need A Different Consumption Method

Your method of consumption is how you take your CBD.  The most common methods of consumption are:

CBD Gummies

CBD Tinctures

CBD Salve/Creams 

CBD Soft Gels 

CBD Vapes

Each method of consumption is unique.  Some CBD  methods work quick and other CBD methods last longer.  

If you’ve only tried CBD Gummies without seeing your desired results, try a CBD Tincture or CBD Soft Gels to see if you get better results.  With CBD, there is no one size fits all method.  Trial and error is how you find the method that works best for you.

Your CBD’s bio-availability also plays a crucial factor in how your CBD works.  CBD bio-availability is the amount of CBD that is usable by your body.  Products indicate a certain amount of CBD, but if most or all of it is not able to be processed by your body, it does you no good. 

This goes back to making sure you are buying a quality CBD product (please don’t buy CBD at the gas station!) where you have access to the Certificate of Analysis so you know what you’re getting in your CBD product.

In general, vapes and tinctures will work the quickest because the bypass the general digestion process.

Soft gels and gummies will take longer to feel the effects because they have to pass through the digestive tract, but they normally last longer.

5. CBD Isn’t For You

If you’ve checked off all 4 boxes above and you still find CBD doesn’t help your ailments then stop taking it.  It’s really that simple.

At Golden Legacy we will never advise you to continue taking something you’re getting no benefit from.  We truly believe CBD can help restore quality of life, it’s the main reason we started Golden Legacy in the first place.

But that doesn’t mean CBD will work for everyone.  Your bodies Endocannabinoid System (ECS), the system that interacts with CBD, can operate differently than others based on things like metabolism or genetic factors.

However, to know if you fall into this camp you have to first try CBD, and second, give it a fair chance to work.  If you’ve done this and it hasn’t worked, you at least know that and can try something else.  In the end, we simply want to help you find relief so you can enjoy what you love most with those you love most.


Finding the correct dosage and method of CBD that works for you takes time.  Don’t get discouraged if this doesn’t happen the first time you try CBD  There is no miracle one-size-fits-all method.  

If you have the patience to do the work and experiment, there is a great chance you’ll find CBD does work for you and is a great addition to your morning or overall wellness routine. 

Have specific questions not covered in this post? Reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help. 

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Be well.


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