How CBD Can Help You Relieve  Stress

All Stressed Out? CBD Oil Tinctures Can Help You’ve been feeling anxious and irritable. You worry a lot – often about things you can’t control. You’re having trouble concentrating. You don’t get things done as fast or as well as you used to. All this must have something to do with this negative mood you […]

How CBD Can Help You Sleep

woman asleep in bed

You’re Not Alone in Your Sleep Struggles Do you lie awake at night, trying to will yourself to fall asleep but feeling wider awake with each passing hour? Or maybe you fall asleep easily but then you wake up after a few hours – and can’t fall back to sleep. In either case, worrying about […]

Burleson Ultimate CBD Guide

All Things CBD What is CBD? Over the past few years, there has been a ton of buzz about CBD. You may have a friend or family member who raves about it. Maybe you’ve seen the signs outside of health stores, smoke shops, pharmacies and herbal medicine stores. CBD is everywhere. CBD is short for […]


We’re committed to helping our customers thoroughly understand how to use CBD to their benefit. We’re also committed to transparency, so we’ve highlighted some frequently asked questions about CBD in Burleson, TX

CBD Dosage Guide

When it comes to finding your proper dosage of CBD there is no one size fits all.  Dosing is a trial and error process, however, we recommend two simple rules to help you quickly find the dosage level that works for you.   1. Start Small  Start with the recommended dose listed on your CBD […]

CBD Glossary Of Terms

Bioavailability The amount of substance that enters the bloodstream and is ultimately used by the body.   Broad Spectrum  CBD product that contains cannabidoil, terpenes and naturally occurring flavanoids but no THC. Cannabinoids Chemical compounds found in cannabis Cannabis The scientific name of the plant that produce marijuana and hemp. There are two main types of cannabis: […]