CBD and Prescription Medication

CBD vs. Meds

Disclaimer: Golden Legacy Wellness is not a doctor.  Please consult with your physician before making any changes to your current medications or before taking CBD with certain medications. CBD and Prescription Medication Before you consider using a prescription drug for chronic pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety, you may wish to try CBD to treat those […]

CBD Didn’t Work for Me, Why Not?

Women frustrated when CBD doesn't work

Consider These Reasons Before You Turn Your Back on CBD So you tried CBD and it didn’t work. You didn’t feel less stressed. You’re still struggling with anxiety. The pain in your knee is as bad as ever. What went wrong, I thought this stuff worked? Does this sound like you? If you’ve tried CBD […]

How to Deal With Loneliness

Golden Legacy Wellness

Loneliness is a real thing.  Although we are more connected than ever via technology and social media, loneliness seems to be at an all-time high.  If you feel like it’s just you who is feeling lonely it’s not true!  Many of us get lonely at times, including myself.  It is a part of being human.  […]

7 Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Including CBD

A woman looking peacefully into the sunset over the mountains after using CBD to reduce her stress and anxiety.

7 Ways to Overcome Stress at Home  Here are 7 ways to reduce stress and anxiety including CBD.  Hang in there – you’ve got this!  We’re living in incredibly stressful times right now. Stress can be debilitating and knock you on your back for days or weeks at a time.  It can degrade your quality […]

7 Ways To Improve Respiratory Health, Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Respiratory Health

For many, there are stressful times ahead. Stress and anxiety can have a great effect on the respiratory system and in this current health pandemic, a poor respiratory system is not ideal. Excellent respiratory health is even more critical now in the midst of the respiratory issues brought on by the coronavirus. Check out the […]

Boost Immune Health at Home with CBD

CBD and Immune Health

Boosting your immune system and having good overall immune health is critical right now as so many people, especially the elderly, seek protection from the coronavirus.  How does CBD boost Immune Health?  Let’s take a look at what we currently know about our Immune System and list some ways CBD has been shown to help.

4 Common CBD Myths Dispelled

CBD Myths

“CBD will get you high.”  “CBD is just snake oil.”  “You will get arrested for having CBD.” Ever heard something like this when the topic of CBD comes up?  So have I and it just indicates how much education on CBD is still needed in the general public.  On today’s blog, we tackle 4 of […]

Use CBD In Your Morning Routine 3 Ways

Morning CBD

A good morning routine is crucial now days.  With so many things people have to juggle in the course of a day, your morning routine sets up your whole day to be successful.  Here’s how CBD in your morning routine can help!

CBD Benefits : Stress, Anxiety and Heart Health

Heart Health CBD Stress

According to the CDC, approximately 1 in 4 deaths every year is linked to heart disease in the US. Being that February is National Heart Month, we thought it would be important to share how CBD can reduce stress and anxiety, promoting good heart health.   Heart disease includes a range of conditions that negatively […]

Is Traveling with CBD Legal? 

Traveling with CBD

Long flights, cramped seats and adjusting to time zones have really put a damper on people’s air travel these days. A number of travelers have now turned to CBD in an effort to combat the jet lag, pain and anxiety that comes with flying, a safer alternative than using prescription or over the counter drugs. […]

5 Step Wellness Reset: Prioritize Wellness & Reach Your Goals

Ok, 2019 is over and maybe you haven’t accomplished all your personal growth goals. Good news though, if you fell short you have another chance to get it right now that 2020 is here!  Now, before we get started, let’s agree to not just make a bunch of empty promises to ourselves.  Our goal is […]

Self-Care: 3 Steps To Creating a Doable Plan

CBD Self-Care

Self-Care is not an indulgence, a luxury or a selfish act.  Self-Care is about knowing what we need to do in order to take care of ourselves and, by extension, being able to take care of others as well.  It is vital in developing and/or boosting the resilience needed to manage the many challenges that emerge […]